Marina Landing

Fisher Architecture - Marina Landing


14322608_10210641067123423_966698643281545545_nUpdate! On Thursday, February 16th, by a unanimous vote, Fisher Architecture and Salisbury Development Group received a favorable recommendation from the planning commission for the concept plan as submitted and will now move toward final plans.

“This project is moving fast and will be the first one built ahead of lots 1 and 11. It is exciting to be a part of a public/private partnership that is bringing another new building to Salisbury’s waterfront. This demonstrates a visual representation that progress is being made with a project that will make both a civic and economic impact.” – Jake Day, Salisbury Mayor

“The Marina Landing project is exciting. The city has an opportunity to turn something with little utilities into something special and unique. This project will expand the borders of the downtown area and offer more to visitors and our local community.” – Blair Rinnier, Rinnier Development

“This is a no brainer. We have an underutilized river front and a valuable piece of property. The Marina Landing development will transform Salisbury into a destination.” – David Pearlmutter, Developer

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