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Reshaping Interior Design in Response to a Changing World - August 24, 2020

upscale interior living room with blue accents, industrial light fixtures and open floor plan Hyatt Place – Ocean City, MD
It was not long ago that many of us were isolated in our homes.  We became increasingly aware of how our interior spaces affected our moods, comfort, productivity, and ability to work.  As time allows and we adjust to a new norm, our homes and commercial and public spaces will ultimately revolve around new designs that will focus on the importance of personal safety.  Here are just a few features that are already taking form in the world of design. Businesses that rely on brick and mortar stores, restaurants, and offices will become more intentional and purposeful with the division… View the full blog here

Change in the Wake of COVID-19 - June 17, 2020

evo restaurant outdoor dining
It is clear the coronavirus is already having a profound impact on today’s “built” world.  This is not the first time a pandemic has forced architecture and city planning to evolve.  Past pandemics like Yellow Fever, Spanish Flu and Polio changed standards for the design of public spaces that reflected a new way of life that included greater personal space.  While the initial expectation was meant to deal with the immediate crisis, many temporary changes became permanent over time. Today, COVID’s unknowns sparked some knee jerk reactions in the beginning.  Projects were put on hold.  People asked themselves, what am I… View the full blog here